Since WordPress updated their iOS app to include location for posts, it came to my attention that it is fairly easy to add location to your posts – and it works nicely with the “Quick Photo” feature of the iOS WordPress app.

Unfortunately after I installed the WordPress GeoLocation plugin OnSwipe’s iPad theme stopped working for me. After some digging it turned out it is because Geolocation is overwriting the default alias of $ of jQuery which was breaking OnSwipe.

Here is how to fix that:

  1. Go to your admin panel
  2. Go to Plugins -> Editor
  3. In the drop-down Select plugin to edit choose “Geolocation”
  4. From the file list Plugin Files (just underneath the drop-down) select geolocation/geolocation.php
  5. Find in the code the function add_google_maps (use your browser’s search function and look for “function add_google_maps”)
  6. Find the line that reads: var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); either comment it out by prepending two slashes in front of it or delete it
  7. In its place add the following: $j = jQuery;
  8. Click Update File

This should fix OnSwipe and at the same time allow your visitor to view the location tag of your posts!

Ubuntu 11.10 is out! So the package manager prompted me to upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 and so I did. The upgrade process took several hours, but mainly because I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t take immediate action of different prompts regarding the upgrade process.

I decided to keep all of my config file modifications hoping that would give me less headache at the end. Nevertheless, I got several problems after I booted in my new shiny Oneric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10’s codename).

  1. I couldn’t go past the login screen – the solution was simple – for some reason my ~/.Xauthority file was owned by root:root – I simply deleted the file and that fixed it
  2. I didn’t get any sound in Unity, but only in Unity as it turns out, as aplay was playing sound just fine. The sound preferences’ Hardware tab was also completely empty. I deleted the ~/.pulse folder and re-logged and I could re-configure my sound. Sound was back on!
I’ll keep this post updated if I come across more problems, and hopefully their solutions.