Ubuntu 11.10 is out! So the package manager prompted me to upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 and so I did. The upgrade process took several hours, but mainly because I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t take immediate action of different prompts regarding the upgrade process.

I decided to keep all of my config file modifications hoping that would give me less headache at the end. Nevertheless, I got several problems after I booted in my new shiny Oneric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10’s codename).

  1. I couldn’t go past the login screen – the solution was simple – for some reason my ~/.Xauthority file was owned by root:root – I simply deleted the file and that fixed it
  2. I didn’t get any sound in Unity, but only in Unity as it turns out, as aplay was playing sound just fine. The sound preferences’ Hardware tab was also completely empty. I deleted the ~/.pulse folder and re-logged and I could re-configure my sound. Sound was back on!
I’ll keep this post updated if I come across more problems, and hopefully their solutions.

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