A month or so back I bought on eBay a used Mighty Mouse. I bought it for one reason only – scroll and right button click. Soon after it arrived I was a bit disappointed with the right button performance and not much later with the scrolling. The right button would work only if I lift my left finger before hitting the right side of the mouse. The scroll would work perfectly when scrolling down but sometimes would get stuck when scrolling up.

Today I decided to open it up and clean it, hoping scrolling can be fixed. I did some googling and I found out that this is apparently known and very common problem. I found some instructions and followed them thus disassembling my mouse. There was a huge ball of dust on one of the scrollers (probably the one getting stuck).

I cleaned it up and started assembling the mouse. Duuuh. It turns out my mouse is a bit different from the tutorial I followed and the bottom part does not clip but is glued. On top of that cleaning it up didn’t fix the scroll problems so I guess I’m going back to my old Mac Pro mouse. :(

UPDATE 31/07: I couldn’t fix my might mouse yesterday and there were no signs of improvement. Today, I reassembled it and did some more cleaning and it is as good as new – apparently I had it improperly assembled. The tutorial I followed did not say anything about glueing the mouse, but the comments did! So, again, I did not read the whole thing before starting the procedure. I figured out I don’t really need the part that needs to be glued for the proper operation of my mouse, and I decided to just leave the plastic on my desk. I hope someone doesn’t throw it away when cleaning ;)

Here will be pigeons of all brands, sizes and models

It seems that uploading 10 1+ MB images is quite slow if done over HTTP. I guess I have to make an import module that scans an upload directory and import the images to albums or the general album. Developing your own blogging system is not easy, but then again which blogging system would support 1+ MB jpegs properly ;)

This is my cat – Puffy. She’s a Persian